About Z!

Zainab Hassan began her journey as a professional makeup artist to the stars, then turned her passion digital by diving into content creation, showcasing her work primarily on women of colour. Zainab has held successful masterclasses both online and in-person. Alongside her passion for the art of makeup Zainab shares the love of her culture through her content  which inspired an audience that has shared similar experiences to her. Her relatable content reaches audiences around the globe.

Zainab is known for her fun nature and breaking down of barriers to educate her diverse following about her culture through inclusive content, both digital and written. She has a Masters in Creative writing and plans to further use that platform to tell stories about her culture. Her mission is to build bridges, to reconnect the diaspora of Africa and natives, and between those that don’t have the same cultural life experiences whilst showcasing her love for life, makeup and bettering herself.

Don't try to fit into a box. Create the job of your dreams if you can't find it in the textbooks.

Zainab Hassan
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